Again with Eos

What was the project and what is now?

Hello !

Well, the project was to make a dream come true.. a little girl’s dream indeed.. who is 45 years old now.. You know,,I am feeling as little girl in my heart who has still millions of dreams and passions.. Passion that drives me.. generally I was not logic, still I am not logic..I never believe that someone should be logic.. Plenty of human beings are look at them what they did.. with wars.. 

With irrational mind of mine,  I wanted to cross the Ocean with my sailing boat alone from east bound to west bound.. sorry not alone, solitude.. single handed.. Symina was my first love ( yeah!that was a true love) and we tried. That was awesome! During that adventure we tried to collect some contribution to some girls in to the account of ROUTE ATLANTIC found with Darussafaka Cemiyet who is the biggest charity foundation and school in Turkey since 19th century. And our project was the first individual project in their entire history that is 151 years.. We were aiming to collect 10.000.000TL to 10 girls to 10 years! We crossed Mediterranean Sea ( 1500nm with friends and family) 1850nm single handed.. And crossed from Gibraltar to Canaries 600nm on the Atlantic Ocean, and crossed Canaries to Cabo Verde 800nm on the Atlantic Ocean..

Actually even we could not complete our project, we achieved to collect some money for 2 girls at least.. yes fellows, we could not complete our route.. Symina hit some ting and I lost her.. We were just crossing the ocean 3 days after Cabo Verde’s.. Poseidon blessed her.. 

Being woman is not that easy in this country plus I became a sailor, plus I did opppsss wrongggggg to put my hand and feet on men’s world, plus I realize every bodies dream.. 

As you may appreciated plenty of things said by the other sailor who knows the sailing or thinking that they know, acting like knows.. In business life also you can see people acting like knows 🙂 Funny little rabbits..! 

So I showed my middle finger to them and continued to ”my route”.. with Eos.. That is new adventure coming soon guys! in 2018! follow us.. 

Dilek the captain and crew of Eos..