We will be there in the mid of the dream and heart of the ocean.. Isn’t it lyric and romantic ? Yes or no the answer is yours.. For me.. I felt in dream with Eos..

After several years when I touched to my my first boat and till I lost her, I had only one life aim, cause what ever you name it..that was sea..and the boat.. Each year I am changing and I am finding another me inside of myself..I love boats.. That is the reason don’t like swimming as my child hood years.. or never want to go to land..Landing is such a pain in my muscles. But the complete explanation of my madness will be shown by some videos and photos and my drawings with letters.

So we started with rigging.. Money has different meaning now. I need it so much and I don’t like it that much and I have to earn some! If your life aim is obvious and if it is indicating your dreams ( what ever it is, not important detail actually) to work is not that much difficult 29 year in textile industry with fully stress and under high pressure with capitalist young stupids who has blind eyes  with enthusiastic to buy fucking new furniture and clothes.. How can I describe to them a life style has no quality with money but perspective.. 

Do I have it? I am not quite sure.. I have a few time to see it by my self.. Why my self? Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you.. I am a single handed sailor.. Welcome all to our tiny home 34 Foot Moody CC..


2016 Kış Marmara Seyri 8